About Westsource Corp

Westsource Corp History

Since 1977, Westsource Corp has been the real estate firm of choice for local and national retailers seeking to expand operations in the Alamogordo area. Under the leadership of its President, Michael Shyne, the firm has emerged as the premier commercial real estate brokerage in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The firm has the capabilities, experience and long-term vision to assemble multiple properties for acquisition, negotiate 1031 exchanges, contract for long-term ground leases and more. For over forty years, clients have been confident in Westsource’s commitment to fulfill their requirements while honoring their confidentiality.

Westsource’s specialization in commercial real estate creates a competitive advantage for clients. The firm’s ability to work with multiple stakeholders, or devise exchanges where a sale isn’t feasible, is a testament to Westsource’s strategic thinking and its history of investment in properties located in the path of growth and development.

Michael Shyne

Michael Shyne, President

Michael Shyne’s fascination with real estate is a result of his upbringing in the real estate world. His parents operated a real estate brokerage that opened in 1959 in Alamogordo, and his grandfather bought and sold farmland in Kansas. His interests tended towards commercial real estate due to the vastness and ever-changing nature of the industry. Mr. Shyne was first licensed in 1972 and has continued to advance his expertise in the decades since then.

In addition to his life-long real estate licensure, Mr. Shyne holds a B.A. in Education from Arizona State University and a Masters in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

With Holloman Air Force Base and the Army’s White Sands Missile Range situated next door to Alamogordo, Mr. Shyne grew up enthusiastically watching military aircraft and missiles fly overhead. That interest led him to become a member of the Defense Orientation Conference Association. He has been a member of DOCA for nearly 30 years and most recently served as president and chairman of the organization. DOCA is a nationwide organization of members who are committed to expanding their understanding of America’s defense and national security affairs.