1600 North White Sands Blvd.

Potential Uses

Restaurant - Fast Food/Dining/Brewing, Entertainment, Retail - Freestanding, Retail - Convenience Store, Retail - Grocery Store/Supermarket, Retail - Strip Mall/Shopping Center, Automobile Dealership, Automotive Services, Hospitality - Hotel/Motel, Bank/Financial Institution, Offices, Professional Offices, Doctors Office, Pharmacy, Medical Services, Residential - Apartments/Multi-Family, Church/Worship, School, Government, Office Warehouse

Property Description

Facing the on-coming traffic, with ease of access from White Sands Blvd and from 16th St., this one acre property forms the northeast corner of the intersection of 16th Street and N. White Sands Boulevard (US Highway 54/70). It has 160.14 feet of frontage on White Sands Boulevard and 272 feet of frontage on 16th Street. Sixteenth St. is the primary access to the square mile neighborhood east of this property, extending from Tenth Street to Indian Wells Blvd. Sixteenth Street extends east for a mile to Washington Public Park.

The attached aerial photo of this property shows that there are thousands of homes within three miles of the semi-circle to the east. White Sands Boulevard is Alamogordo’s primary arterial thoroughfare which funnels traffic from Las Cruces (I-25), El Paso/Juarez Mexico, White Sands Missile Range and Holloman Air Force Base north to I-40, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Ruidoso and Amarillo.

Semi-truck traffic has recognized that U.S. 54 is a shortcut from I-40 to the El Paso/Juarez Mexico market. As a result, the New Mexico Department of Transportation is expending significant funds widening Highway 54.

The east half of this property at 16th and White Sands is currently occupied by a 2500 sf metal building and a small garage, both vacant. The West (highway frontage) half of the acre is vacant, a former service station having been recently demolished. Underground fuel tanks were removed prior to 2010.

Property Size

This corner property has 160 feet of frontage on White Sands Blvd (US Hwys 54 & 70) and 272 feet of frontage on Sixteenth Street.




All utilities are available.


C-3 Commercial

Access & Easements

This corner property has access from White Sands Blvd, its 160 foot long west boundary, and from Sixteenth Street, its 272 foot long south boundary. An underground sewer and gas line easement, an extension of the sewer and gas lines in the alley behind the former convenience store across 16th Street, extends north across this property to serve the mobile homes next door.

Flood Zone

Flood Zone is AH


Environmental Consideration: The service station, demolished in 2021, has passive environmental remediation underway. The New Mexico Petroleum Products Corrective Action Fund has assumed the remediation cost, which currently consists of natural attenuation and water sampling from the test wells every three months. The underground fuel tanks were removed when the remediation process began. The New Mexico Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau of the New Mexico Environmental Department, NMED, oversees this remediation. New Mexico has specific laws in place defining the operator of the fuel tanks to be the “Responsible Party.” All other parties are not the “Responsible Party” for environmental issues, specifically all future owners (not involved in the sale of petroleum products) and all lenders. Please request the “Comfort Letter” from NMED, which explains the protections New Mexico law affords property owners and their lenders.

Asbestos testing of the two remaining buildings reveal only 900 sf of vinyl floor tile/mastic that would have to be removed prior to demolition. The report is available.

Significant Benefits

The 43,500 SF area of this building site, a full acre, and its corner location with ease-of-access and unencumbered visibility, provides a well-suited location for many new construction projects. Additionally, few restaurants and minimal retail services exist on White Sands Blvd. from Tenth Street to well north of Indian Wells Blvd, even though the customer base - the rooftops in the vast neighborhood to the east, have commercial needs that are currently fulfilled only by inconvenient travel. This location offers many opportunities and little neighboring competition, that locations further south on White Sands Blvd suffer from.

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