1650 North White Sands Blvd

Potential Uses

Restaurant - Fast Food/Dining/Brewing, Entertainment, Retail - Freestanding, Retail - Convenience Store, Automobile Dealership, Automotive Services, Bank/Financial Institution, Offices, Professional Offices, Doctors Office, Pharmacy, Medical Services, School, Government, Self Storage, Office Warehouse, Industrial/Manufacturing/Warehousing, Construction

Property Description

1650 N. White Sands Boulevard is a very visible and accessible commercial building site on North White Sands Boulevard, which is US Highways 54 and 70. This property has 125.28 feet of frontage on White Sands Boulevard and 242 feet of depth, for a total area of 30,317 sq. ft.

White Sands Boulevard is U.S. Highway 54 & 70. Highway 54 extends north to Interstate 40, and is being expanded by the NMDOT to handle growing tractor-trailer traffic. Highway 54 extends 80 miles south to the El Paso, TX/Juarez, Mexico metroplex and its population of over 2 million people. The nearest mountain recreational area for the metroplex is the Sacramento Mountains, northeast of Alamogordo, attracting constant tourist traffic through Alamogordo to the summer and winter recreational areas of Cloudcroft and Ruidoso, NM. The Ruidoso area includes the Ruidoso Down Race Track, the Mescalero Apache Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino and Resort and Ski Apache. Cloudcroft, at 9,000-foot elevation, is in the center of hundreds of thousands of acres of Lincoln National Forest, with Ski Cloudcroft located nearby. This valuable traffic makes 1650 N. White Sands Boulevard is an ideal location for a business catering to tourism.

East of this building site are many square miles of solid rooftops, Alamogordo’s primary residential area.

Property Size

1650 North White Snads Blvd has 125.28 feet of frontage on White Sands Blvd, which combines US Highways 54 and 70. This property has 242 feet of depth.




All utilities are available in the area.


C-3 Commercial

Access & Easements

Access is by White Sands Blvd.

Flood Zone

This property is in Flood Zone AH

Significant Benefits

Any location on White Sands Blvd benefits from its consistent local and tourist traffic, and is priced accordingly. It is common for commercial lots on White Sands to be priced at ten to fifteen dollars per square foot. This location is priced a at very modest $7.50 per square foot, and has a useful 125 feet of frontage. The building shown on the aerial view has been demolished. It was built as an A&W drive-thru restaurant, later a used car sales lot.

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