50 McDonald Road

Potential Uses

Restaurant - Fast Food/Dining/Brewing, Entertainment, Automotive Services, Hospitality - Hotel/Motel, Residential - Mobile Home Park - RV Park, Church/Worship, Government, Self Storage, Office Warehouse, Industrial/Manufacturing/Warehousing, Construction

Property Description

Alamogordo is served by US Highways 54, 70 & 82. These highways merge into two alignments: a single highway passing through Alamogordo, known as White Sands Boulevard, and the Charlie Lee Relief Route passing around the City on its west side.

Tenth Street is Alamogordo’s central east-west arterial thoroughfare and runs from the base of the Sacramento Mountains, west, thorough the City, through downtown Alamogordo, across White Sands Boulevard and across the Alamogordo Relief Route to McDonald Road.

Just south of the intersection of Tenth Street and McDonald Road is this 5.7-acre tract of land at 50 McDonald Road. This property is outside of, and adjacent to the Alamogordo city limits. It has 300 feet of frontage on McDonald Road and is clearly visible from the US Highway 54/70/82 Relief Route signalized intersection at Tenth Street.

This acreage is vacant land. Being just outside of the Alamogordo City Limits, development would require installation of a well and septic tank. Since it is adjacent to the Alamogordo city limits, the Purchaser can apply to annex it into the city limits and rezoned to the purchaser’s intended use. This would allow the Purchaser to connect to the Alamogordo city water system. Electricity and natural gas already serve the two adjoining properties, and are available for this building site as well.

Its neighbor to the north is the lush McDonald Farm. Immediately to the south is the popular Cottonwood Pet Resort.

This acreage is ideal for most businesses needing access to US Highway 54/70/82 or exposure to its traffic. Owner will consider subdividing the 5.7 acre tract.

Property Size

This tract of land totals 5.7 acres, 248,300 sq ft.




Natural gas and electricity run along McDonald Road. Unless the property is annexed into the Alamogordo City Limits, a Purchaser will have to install a water well. Many wells are in the area and the water table is at a reasonable depth. No city sewer is available on this west side of the Relief Route, so, without extending a sewer line to the east, across the Relief Route, a septic tank will have to be installed, even if the property is annexed onto the City Limits.


The city of Alamogordo zones all the real estate within its City Limits. However, beyond the Alamogordo City Limits is Otero County jurisdiction. Otero County does not use property zoning.

City utilities, sewer and water, are only available to properties within the City Limits. If your contemplated use requires municipal sewer and water service, this property would have to be annexed into the City Limits and zoned for your intended use. City water and sewer lines would also have to be extended to the property (at property owner’s expense). If such annexation and rezoning are a requirement of purchase, the owner will cooperate with the purchaser to achieve this, at purchase’s expense.

The surrounding businesses located outside the City Limits utilize private water wells and septic tanks.

Public Service Company of New Mexico provides electricity to the area outside the City Limits, and the Gas Company of New Mexico provides natural gas. Both utility lines are accessible and adjacent to this property.

Access & Easements

Access is by McDonald Road, a public street.

Flood Zone

This property is in flood zone A.


The popular Cottonwood Pet Resort is located adjacent and to the south of this property, and the McDonald Farm is located to the north.

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