The Northwest Corener 26 acres at the Intersection of US Highways 54, 70 and 82, the North Entrance to Alamogordo

Potential Uses

Restaurant - Fast Food/Dining/Brewing, Entertainment, Retail - Freestanding, Retail - Convenience Store, Retail - Grocery Store/Supermarket, Retail - Strip Mall/Shopping Center, Automobile Dealership, Automotive Services, Hospitality - Hotel/Motel, Church/Worship, Government, Office Warehouse, Industrial/Manufacturing/Warehousing, Construction

Property Description

This property has been the home of Basin Pipe & Metal for several decades. The company’s office and warehouse are located on the property, served by a water well and septic tank.

This 26 acre intersection corner forms the northwest corner of the signalized intersection of US Highways 54, 70, 82 and the Alamogordo Relief Route. Highway 54 extends south 90 miles to the international sister-cities of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico, and it extends northeast over 1000 miles, through Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, and into Illinois. Highway 82 extends over 1600 miles east, from Alamogordo to Georgia’s Atlantic coast. US Highway 70 extends west 300 miles into central Arizona, and Highway 70 extends east 2000 miles to eastern North Carolina. This 26 acre corner location forms the entrance into Alamogordo for traffic from the mountain resort areas of Cloudcroft and Ruidoso, NM, which attracts tremendous tourist traffic with summer and winter outdoor recreational activities, beginner to world-class snow skiing, horse racing at Ruidoso Downs and gambling at the Inn of the Mountain Gods on the Mescalero Apache Reservation. Highway 54 brings semi-truck traffic through the area en-route to the El Paso-Juarez International Border Crossing.




The majority of this property is within the Alamogordo City Limits and the remainder, the area northwest of the drainage flow path, can be annexed into the city limits, a requirement for access to municipal water and sewer services. A City of Alamogordo water main has been extended under the Relief Route to this property. The easement for the extension of City sewer service is in place, but that extension has not been constructed. A natural gas main runs along US Highway 54/70, in front of the property.


This property is zoned C-3 commercial.

Access & Easements

This 26-acre tract benefits from the ease-of-access provided by the large median and curb cut on US Highway 54/70. The road leading into the property from the highway is named “Pennsylvania Avenue,” as shown on the AIRCBO Subdivision Plat. AIRCBO subdivision forms the Highway 54/70 frontage portion of the overall 26-acre tract.

A 50-foot wide electric transmission easement crosses this property near its corner. See the AIRCBO Subdivision Plat, attached. There are several ingress/egress and utility easements shown on the AIRCBO plat, all of which can be vacated when the entire 26-acres is combined into a single property.

A rainwater drainage flow path crosses this property. New Mexico law requires the entrance and exit points of drainage flow paths crossing private property to remain the same. But the alignment of the flow path within the private property can be relocated for development.

Flood Zone

The entire 26 acres of this property are in Flood Zone X, with the flow path of a drainage flowing to the southwest, diagonally, across the property.

Significant Benefits

This signalized intersection of US Highways 54, 70 and 82 is the north entry to the City of Alamogordo, NM. Highway 70 leads to El Paso/Juarez MX and Amarillo. Highway 54 leads to Albuquerque. Highway 82 takes tourists into the magnificent Sacramento Mountains, with it abundant National Forrest areas, winter skiing, summer hiking, and the charming mountain community of Cloudcroft, New Mexico.

This northwest corner of the intersection enjoys the best visibility and access of the four intersection corners. With the opportunities this traffic affords a purchaser, its development opportunities are extensive.

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