West Tenth Street Entrance to Alamogordo

Potential Uses

Restaurant - Fast Food/Dining/Brewing, Entertainment, Retail - Freestanding, Retail - Convenience Store, Retail - Strip Mall/Shopping Center, Automobile Dealership, Automotive Services, Hospitality - Hotel/Motel, Assisted Living - Nursing Home, Bank/Financial Institution, Offices, Professional Offices, Doctors Office, Pharmacy, Medical Services, Residential - Apartments/Multi-Family, Residential - Mobile Home Park - RV Park, Church/Worship, School, Government, Self Storage, Office Warehouse, Construction

Property Description

TENTH STREET, Alamogordo’s primary east-west arterial thoroughfare, starts at its signalized intersection with the Alamogordo Relief Route - US Highways 54 and 70 - and continues east, through the city, for three miles to the base of the Sacramento Mountains, the easterly boundary of the city. Tenth Street serves most of the residential neighborhoods of the city, and includes the Downtown district, Lowes and Albertsons supermarkets, the Public Library, most of the city’s banks and a variety of the other primary businesses serving Alamogordo’s residents. It also is the “going home” route five days a week for many of Holloman Air Force Base’s civilian and military personnel. So a location on Tenth Street assures businesses of good exposure to customers. This app. 1.5 acre location, with 318 feet of frontage on the south side of Tenth Street, is near Tenth Street’s entrance and would give your business first exposure to traffic entering Alamogordo from the Relief, before those customers saw your competition.

Property Size

This property totals approximately 62,340 square feet of area, with 318 feet of frontage on Tenth Street, and extends from Lawndale Avenue, its west boundary (recently having received new curbing and paving by the City of Alamogordo), and McLean Avenue, its east boundary. See sketch plat attached.




Utilities are in the area, serving nearby businesses. Some utilities will have to be extended to the site, at the expense of the developer.


M-2 Industrial, allowing a variety of commercial uses.

Access & Easements

This property is accessed by Lawndale Avenue, McLean Avenue and Tenth Street.

Flood Zone

The Downtown Business District and this area are in the AH Flood Zone.


The footprint of this 62,340 SF site is irregular, requiring its improvement layout to be planned for the site configuration. To develop this property, city sewer will have to be extended from the south.

Significant Benefits

Locating your business at this site will give it first visibility as traffic and customers enter Alamogordo from the Tenth Street/Relief Route signalized intersection. Three sides of this property are public streets, making access and visibility exceptional.

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